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“If Mark Twain and Erma Bombeck had a literary child, it would be Jen Telger!”

In What Heals the Heart, her style, her stories, and her sense of humor all meld into one of the most endearing books I’ve read in a very long time. It passed my “made me stay up all night to finish it” test. I was transported back to an idyllic childhood in which I once again felt the suffocating heat of summer while playing baseball, the biting cold of a mountain stream while exploring, and the chest-crushing fear when a friend is endangered. Ms. Telger is artful in her turns of phrase, from “to add her shoulders to the scaffolding holding up the burden,” to “both craved the quenching cool of camaraderie to the heat and scorch of animosity.” She also returned to my vocabulary such gems as “kerfuffle” and “gollywobbles.” If you want a read that will make you laugh, sometimes make you cry, and even make you skip ahead a few pages to ensure that everything works out okay, then look no further. If this weren’t enough, there’s even an imaginary pup (whom I choose to believe was an Angel!) I can’t wait to visit Pullman Station again, Ms. Telger!”

Dorenda Doyle – Best Selling Author of How I Learned to Like My Mom: Forgive Those You Love … Before It’s Too Late


“A Great Read”

“What Heals the Heart – might easily be entitled What Warms the Heart, for its warm rich story telling. It is impossible not be become embroiled in these well drawn characters and their lives spanning many generations. It will catch a reader’s attention and hold it until the rampant conclusion of this classy tale. A debut novel to herald an emergence of a confident new voice in Women’s Fiction. Geriatric humour might be an untapped seam but Telger nails it effortlessly here and readers will be eagerly waiting for more. Bravo.

Tim (U.K.) – Amazon Review


“Captivating, emotional, relatable”

“What a beautiful journey I was taken on! From the characters to the setting, I felt as if I was right there in the story! Jen Telger has a magical way of painting beautiful and vivid pictures in your mind as she dances you through the characters’ life story…both past and present. The use of time hops flowed smoothly allowing me, as the reader, to immerse in the feels and the emotions of each character. As we moved through time, I was captivated wanting to know more of how the characters’ lives connected. I couldn’t put it down! If you are looking to be swept away in an emotional story that leaves you appreciating friendships, devistation, loss, and mending through life’s journey, What Heals the Heart is a must read!

C Hunter – Amazon Review


“Brought me back to my own childhood”

“Jen Telger hit a homerun with “What Heals the Heart”! The book brought me back to my own childhood (I’m in my late 50s) growing up in a small town. It’s a book that makes you laugh just as much as it warms your heart. Although my children are grown, I wish that they would have read a great book like this while growing up. I am buying copies for friends of mine who are still in the teen and young adult age group. Thank you for taking me back in time on a delightful ride, Jen.

MDK – Amazon Review




“Small-town sweetness”

“This book is amazing. I love the story of life in a small town…both the good and the more challenging aspects. Jen makes her characters completely relatable and I can actually feel myself being drawn into their lives. She has a magical way of making you want to keep reading and not put it down. At the end of the chapter, I was constantly thinking about what comes next…and then even though I thought I was done reading…I wasn’t! Loved this story…hoping there will be a part 3!

Jodi Dillahunt – Amazon Review


“Great read”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this second book in the Pullman Station series. It was easy to be pulled into the lives of the characters living in the neighborhood and it left me wanting to read more. Lots of great action and surprises. The author skillfully and naturally transitions her characters into new phases of their lives creating a feeling of “my neighborhood” for all of her readers. I’m looking forward to more Pullman Station books!

Retired teacher – Amazon Review


“A wonderful read!”

“Well Ms. Telger has done it again. A story full of hope, sadness, triumph, and trials, all wrapped together beautifully. Touching on sensitive topics with grace and poise, “Sticks and Stones” takes you on an incredible journey. I felt like I was in the story, with the characters, feeling what they were feeling. Seeing what they were seeing. Crying when they were crying. Angry when they were angry. I cannot thank Ms. Telger enough for writing this incredible story. As a reader you will never regret entering Pullman Station. Enjoy the read and the hope that it gives you. And once you have read the story I am sure you will understand the desire for Maggie to be in my life and to be one of my best friends.

Audrey Lehrer – Amazon Review


“Fun summer read”

“A wonderful follow-up to “What Heals the Heart”. The author expands on many of the characters in the Pullman Station series. As school is starting up again I enjoyed reading about the kids going through another school year in Pullman. A heart felt read dealing with some serious subjects, that also had me chuckling. After finishing my digital copy I purchased the book to gift to a friend.

kate8 – Amazon Review