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Stuff I Think About When I Should Be Doing Other Things

Welcome to my mind! This space plays host to all sorts of things, from random thoughts to archival posts from past blogs I’ve written to guest spots from our family’s two dogs, Cricket and India, who write their own blog. Feel free to read along, share your thoughts, and enjoy the ride, but maybe get a mug of something to snuggle in with first.

Sense This

Apr 09, 2023

Sense This     To say the past several months have been rough would be to tell a half-truth. No, it would be to tell a one-sixteenth truth. Or maybe there’s a fractional exponent in there somewhere, I can’t really tell. And while it could always be worse, it’s bad enough, thank you very much, and Murphy and his laws can kindly move along from our little abode. But I won’t regale you with the trials and tribulations of the Telger household other than to

New Puppy, New World

Mar 05, 2023

New Puppy, New World     You guys, my new mom put me in a kitten collar. Like for baby cats! And then, when we walked into the vet’s today for my outstanding health check-up, and mom brought me in in my little kennel, the tech at the desk looked at me expecting a cat and then said, “That is not a cat!” Of course, I’m not a cat!! Then the staff got all squidgy and cutesy and giggly with me. I charmed the socks

Tending the Garden of My Soul

Mar 12, 2023

Tending the Garden of My Soul by Jen Telger     ***Warning: If you are currently experiencing a mental health crisis, this post could be triggering. Please proceed with caution and make a healthy choice that is appropriate to your situation.*** In 2018, my daughter innocently passed on words of wisdom that have reached much farther than she will likely ever know. Our conversation went like this: A: “Mom, do you know what I think is the prettiest thing in your garden?” Me: “What’s that,

The Day the Heavy Seven Met Their Match

Mar 12, 2023

The Day the ‘Heavy Seven’ Met Their Match by Jen Telger     Back in 2016, I had a day that will live in infamy. I know, I know, that sounds overly dramatic. Read on. It’s been an interesting day. I say that as I lay in bed, laptop on my lap, brownie/ice cream/chocolate sauce in my tummy, and both kids asleep. I say that because the day is over. I say that because it was a day that made me laugh out loud at

What’s in a Name?

Mar 05, 2023

What’s in a Name?     In April ’09, I sent an update to our family containing the following excerpt, which explains it all. It became the first post of a personal blog I continued to write while the kids were little called Rock, Paper…Diaper? Here is how it got it’s name. “I’ve been duped.  Outwitted.  Outplayed.  Out-parented, even.  Our daughter has been sleeping through the night for a while now.  I don’t mind so much on the rare night she wakes up hungry/thirsty, but