New Puppy, New World



You guys, my new mom put me in a kitten collar. Like for baby cats! And then, when we walked into the vet’s today for my outstanding health check-up, and mom brought me in in my little kennel, the tech at the desk looked at me expecting a cat and then said, “That is not a cat!” Of course, I’m not a cat!! Then the staff got all squidgy and cutesy and giggly with me. I charmed the socks off of them all, and they even brought me into the back so everybody could fawn over me. I was totally adorable and chill, of course, ‘cuz that’s how I roll.

Anyway, I guess I’m ok with the collar thing. The alternative is to be offended but, to tell you the truth, I kind of like not accidentally putting my paw and shoulder through my collar when I’m running ‘cuz going tail-over-tea kettle at speed is not the good kind of surprise. Having mom’s balloon flowers dump water on me after it rains: totally the good kind of surprise!

Last night, I decided to test mom and dad’s mettle and yowled and howled for 10 minutes after they put me to bed. I got some nice range going but they weren’t having it. So, I stopped. But mom’s nice and when I wake up in the middle of the night and whimper, she takes me out so I can poop and pee and then go back to bed quietly. I’m glad she does ‘cuz that feels SOOO much better.

Mom says today is when real life starts now that the weekend is over. I’m not sure what that means other than my new siblings left this morning and still haven’t come back. What is up with that??? I guess I’ll just take a nap until mom wants one and then I’ll get up and want to play Outside. Have you been Outside? It’s AWESOME!! Mom looks a little tired, though, so maybe I won’t push it. I’d hate to lose that whole “I’ll let you poop outside at 2 a.m.” vibe we’ve got going. It would mean pooping in my kennel and, y’all, my poop smells like napalm.

Ok, well, if you see my siblings, tell them I miss them and they should come home because I have a lot of playtime scheduled and I’d like to get on that. In the meantime,


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