Holy Smokes, You Guys!



Holy smokes, you guys! A while back, my brother fell in love with my little half-sister while we were visiting my breeder. Well, like my Uncle E said, he’d better never fall in love with a car, ‘cuz Mom and Dad did a thing. A BIG thing. They are the sneakiest, most devious, awesome, psycho, wonderful Mom and Dad on the planet!

So, on Sunday, we all hopped in the car to go to Andrea’s to “play with the puppies”. Man, I am NEVER falling for that trick again. Now I know it’s a ukulele for “we’re going to rock Cricket’s world”. Hang on…what?…oh. Mom says I mean euphemism, not ukulele. Anyway, my brother wanted to go see my little sister, but he was sad that it would be the last time he got to see her because someone had bought her. When we got to Andrea’s, her daughter had my little sister waiting for him. Mom got out her phone because she had promised him that she would take video of the two of them for him to remember her by. People, he had been having dreams about her. Their connection is really cool, but honestly a little spooky. The very first time they met, it was like they belonged together and knew each other from a really long time ago or something.

Anyway, we walked into the house and Mom was video-ing away. Then she asked my brother if he still liked my little sister. The goob was grinning away and nodding his head. So Mom said, “Remember how we said we were sad that this was the last time we’d see her because someone bought her?” This time he gave a sad nod. So then Mom said, “Well, what if it was us that bought her?” He just shrugged. So THEN Mom said, “Because we’re here today to take her home with us.” Wait, WHAT?? We’re doing WHAT with WHO now?? Holy moley! This was nuts! My brother didn’t believe her and just shook his head. My sister shouted, “What?! No way!” Mom said it again and again, but my brother’s heart was just too tender to believe it. He didn’t think the joke was funny. Frankly, neither did I. Finally, he looked at Andrea and she told him and then he believed her. His grin was HUGE but he was totally speechless. The whole time my sister just kept saying, “No! NO!” like she couldn’t believe it. She was super excited, too. I wasn’t sure what to feel.

We spent a little more time at Andrea’s. I got a haircut and everybody got to see some week-old puppies which, I’ll admit, were pretty cute. Then we saw the horses and got ready to go. Mom started pulling stuff out of the back of the car like she was Mary Poppins. A new car pillow for the car ride home, a puppy pad, my mama with the heartbeat, another leash, my brother’s blanket. It was nuts! And then they put my little sister in with my Mom!! They were totally serious! I knew then that this was going to put a serious hitch in my get-along.

So, my little sister’s name is India. We mostly call her Indi. I’ll admit she is pretty sweet and really pretty. We look nothing alike except that we both got our dad’s floppy ears. At first, I felt pretty insulted. I mean, this is MY space with MY family. But now that she’s been here a few days, I actually kind of like her. We even slept in the big kennel together last night and snuggled up in the same bed. It was nice to have someone else to snuggle with. Although, I’m not a big fan of her pooping on the floor. She’ll pee on the puppy pad, but she poops right next to it, which is pretty funny, but also gross. She’s getting better at doing it all outside, though.

There are a lot of things that are different between Indi and me. For starters, she’s just a pipsqueak. Why are you laughing?? I’m 4 pounds now! Indi is a Teacup and isn’t even 2 pounds. Plus, she’s four weeks younger than me. I know all kinds of stuff she doesn’t know yet.

Anyway, we’re also obviously different colors. She’s white with liver and cream, and she has blue eyes, and I’m almost all black with smidges of white, and I have brown eyes. But inside, we’re not that different. Kind of like people. I’ve noticed they all look and smell different on the outside, but they’re mostly nice and kind and gooey on the inside. Indi and I are both silly, feisty, curious, sweet, stubborn, licky, chewy, enthusiastic, and loveable. (I think the licky and chewy stuff might go away when our dang teeth finish coming in. Youch!)

The most important thing here is that I’ve decided to take the responsibility of being a big sister seriously and I’ve started teaching Indi everything I know. I’m helping her learn to go potty outside even though watching Mom clean up poop is seriously hilarious, so sometimes I just sit back and watch. I’m teaching her all the good places to sniff on our walks and I’m teaching her some decent grubbing skills. Girl can DIG, y’all! Her enthusiasm is really cute and when she gets mud on her white beard she looks silly! It makes me love her so much that she likes the same things as me. I’m also teaching her how to tussle. But I’ve got to up my game a bit ‘cuz the little snot can pin me. I don’t know which gym she trained at before here, but she’s got some crazy mad skillz. She doesn’t let me take the mickey out of her too easily. If I can get her on her back, though, I have a chance. And sheer size is an advantage for me to just smother her, but she weaves about like a flea and fights back with lots of grit so I’ve got my work cut out for me if I’m going to stay on top here.

You may have noticed that it’s getting colder. Good thing, bad thing. The bad thing, at the risk of repeating myself, is that it’s getting colder. Brr!! We’re little and, even though we have fur, we get cold pretty easily. Dr. Chris told Mom that we need to wear coats outside because we’re so small, but Indi’s coat doesn’t fit her yet. Mom has to make some adjustments to it before she can wear it without tripping all over herself. In the meantime, she wears one of my sister’s old baby leggings. It’s pretty adorable. I’m good to go, but I’d rather not take the time for a coat when I’m heading Outside. Just get me there! The good thing about it getting colder is that all the leaves are falling off the trees. Did you know they did that? I didn’t. The first time the wind made a leaf chase me I about had kittens! Then I started chasing them back and discovered a whole new world of fun. Indi, on the other hand, isn’t tall enough to get through the leaves very easily. Seriously, it’s like she’s swimming. So, until she gets bigger, I think it may just be my kind of fun.

Mom says Indi and I are going to train together. Sounds like another good thing, bad thing to me. But Indi’s smart like me and she has already learned to come when she’s called. My brother taught her that the day she came home. She also sits, but we didn’t teach her that. The problem we both have with “sit”, though, is that we can’t do it for very long before we’re actually laying down. We just slide that way. Mom says her first puppy as a kid got her name, Scooter, from not being able to grip the floor very well. I guess it must be a common thing. What I’m wondering is if Mom is going to use Indi’s full name when she’s in trouble after she’s started training and knows better. She does it to me and then I know I’m really in for it and probably going in the Chiller. That’s what Mom and Dad call my big play kennel that they put me in when I’ve been too bitey or rough. Kind of like a puppy time-out. I’m guessing she’s going to because last night when Indi and I tore apart a puppy pad together (which was SUPER fun), Mom got “the Look” on her face and that’s almost always followed by the Chiller. I think it only makes sense that Indi’s full name should follow.

Ok, well, Indi’s all curled up and looking cute and comfy so I think I’m going to do the same thing. This being a role model thing is exhausting! Now that she’s here, I may let her write once in a while. I’ll have to teach her her letters first, though. I’m sure you’ll hear from her soon.

Happy Fall, Y’all! Go Outside and chase some leaves!

Cricket (and India)

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