The Pullman Station Series



What Heals the Heart

Pullman Station Series Book One


From the enchanting and humorous mind of author Jen Telger comes the charmingly nostalgic and quirky town of Pullman Station. Join Annabelle Walker and her neighborhood friends as they navigate the perils of her unfortunate house placement between the two nastiest old bats in town.

Welcome to Pullman Station!

When seventy-something former best friends Cilla and Nattie had a falling out several years ago, eleven-year-old Annabelle Walker and her family were caught in the crosshairs living between them. While Annabelle’s mother stresses the importance of carrying out one’s Christian duty via kindness to all, she maintains a precariously delicate balance keeping both “gasoline” and “gunpowder” happy. As for Annabelle and her friends, they avoid both old women at all costs.

When a tragic accident rocks the town, and Cilla’s past comes back to haunt, will she and Nattie be able to find healing and forgiveness to repair their treasured friendship, or will they drive the entire neighborhood crazy until the bitter end?

Get your copy of What Heals the Heart today and head over to Pullman Station for all the action!

**Contains mild cursing.

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Sticks and Stones

Pullman Station Series Book Two


You loved What Heals the Heart. Now join the gang for more adventure and fun in Sticks and Stones, Book Two in the Pullman Station Series, following Jen Telger’s bestselling debut novel.

Growing up is never easy. Neither is growing old. 

Saying goodbye to Cilla Prescott brought everyone home to Pullman Station. Now that she’s been laid to rest and thanks have been given, it’s time to tuck into the potluck and have a good time.

Echoes of the past continue to surface for the Maple Street gang as they’re reminded of profound life lessons learned during those simpler times, times that, nonetheless, nearly tore one of their own from their grasp and saw mortal enemies make amends and find peace.

Seeing Mr. Coleman, Sasha Perkins is acutely aware that time and chance are again slipping away. He is eager to chat privately with the elderly man to revisit the story that lies behind those captivating eyes. A story from long ago, it continues to impact Sasha twenty years later.

Sticks and Stones recounts the tales of generational friendships, a small town choosing sides, a young boy’s transformative journey toward manhood, and the remarkable tale of two friends attempting to capture history as it slips through their fingers. Let the magic and warm, relatable characters of the Maple Street neighborhood envelop you once more as Cilla, Nattie, Everett, Sasha, and the rest of the gang navigate the labyrinth of a changing world and grapple with the impermanence of time, treasuring the intergenerational bonds their tight-knit neighborhood created.

Prepare to be captivated by a story both personal and timeless, a tale that celebrates the profound beauty of laughter, tears, friendship, and forgiveness.

Grab your copy of Sticks and Stones today. Your Maple Street neighbors eagerly await your return.