More About Jen Telger


I’m a writer and avid people-watcher who loves to figure out what makes people tick.  (Hint: it’s never what you think it is!) To me, the beauty of writing lies in my stories expanding exponentially as readers make them their own, finding solace, inspiration, familiarity, and new adventures in which to play.

Having grown up in the small Midwestern town of Winona, MN, I have a keen eye for quirky characters, what makes a town a community, and the you-won’t-believe-this type of things that happen when residents upset the local apple cart. In fact, while it is entirely fiction, What Heals the Heart was inspired by the two elderly women who lived on either side of our house growing up. Quirky doesn’t even begin to summarize their demeanors, not to mention their dislike of each other.

When I’m not writing, being a mom to two kids and two dogs, and wife to one (thank God!) husband, you can find me playing with my cameras, traveling to national parks or the family cabin, or putzing in my gardens. Lurking in bookstores, creating fantastic worlds in Minecraft, geeking out with my dad (and his cameras), and drinking way too much Elixir of Life (a.k.a. chocolate milk) are also frequent pastimes. I love meeting my readers and am available for book clubs, podcasts, interviews and event talks. I hope to meet you out there!



I’m a “pantser” through and through! In other words, I don’t write linearly. Instead, my characters take me where they want to go, out of order, and rely on me to stitch them into a tale that makes sense. 

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